Coronavirus Update

Lastest update: 26/11/2020


As you are aware, from December 2nd the whole country will go back into a tier system on a region-to-region basis. Here in Robin Hood’s Bay we have been placed in tier 2 which means that we are able to offer holidays once more. However, we must operate under all current government guidelines.


If you have an upcoming holiday with us and you live in a tier 3 area…….

You will not be able to take your holiday if you are in a tier 3 area at the time of your arrival. If you do not have travel insurance, we are happy to move your booking to a future date in the same property up to a year from your original arrival date.

Please send us an email clearly stating which cottage you have booked and when, and then provide us with the dates you would like to move your booking to.


If you have a booking with us and you live in a tier 1 or tier 2 region……

You can still take your holiday in Robin Hood’s Bay providing you adhere to all other national government directives and those relating to the tier in which you live.

Please note, that prices have been increased for 2021 in line with our usual price increases every year. In addition, because of the increased costs from commercial laundries and local cleaning companies and in order to keep you as safe as we can, inevitably the prices have increased a little more this time.

We hope you understand.


If you have a booking over the Christmas period……

If your booking partially lies outside of the government’s “free for all” dates  (23rd-27th Dec) please call or email us to discuss your options. You could for example, reduce your booking to a shorter stay. Alternatively (and providing you don’t live in a tier 3 area) you could still stay for the entire holiday but reduce the number of people in your party outside of those dates.

It is clear that everyone’s opinions differ greatly about the virus and the measures taken to mitigate it. However, no-one’s opinion should take precedence over anyone else’s safety so we ask that you please implement all of the measures above.


We hope that, despite everything, you will enjoy this beautiful part of the world and have a happy and memorable holiday.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers and our property-owners who have been so kind and understanding during these difficult times. Your support is hugely appreciated.

Assuring you of our best intentions at all times.

Kind regards,

Julie, Josh & Rosie

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