Coronavirus Update

Last updated: 031/08/2020

We are taking measures to minimise the risk of the coronavirus in the following ways…..

  • We are requesting that a fresh mattress protector is placed on all beds for each new arrival.
  • Cleaning regimes will now include sanitising high-risk areas such as handles, light switches and other surfaces and all rooms will be sprayed with anti-bacterial mist before your arrival.

Are you fit to travel?

If any of your party are feeling unwell or showing symptoms of Covid-19, you must NOT travel to your holiday home.


Before you set off from home….

Despite the measures we are taking, we cannot protect you completely so it is important to remember that you are responsible for your own behaviour and practices while you are on holiday. Please take the time to properly organise your packing before you set off. Although we will provide hand sanitiser, you should also bring your own hand sanitiser for use outside of the property. You may also want to bring your own supply of hand soap and disinfectant or anti-bacterial spray or wipes. You might also want to consider other protective measures such as rubber gloves and face masks.

Items such as board games and books are difficult to clean so you may want to bring along your own books and favourite games. Some properties will have removed such items already

When you arrive at your holiday property…..

Before you enter your holiday property, have hand sanitiser or disinfectant wipes at the ready to clean the key safe and the keys. Once inside, you should all wash your hands and then open windows and doors to ventilate and refresh the air inside. Be careful to prop doors open to prevent them slamming. Always make sure you know where the keys are so that you don’t get locked out if a door does slam.

During your stay…….

It is recommended that you wash all kitchen items before you use them.

Wash your hands thoroughly each time you return to your accommodation. Please bear in mind that other families will take up residence after you have left and we ask that you wash hands frequently and disinfect high-risk areas throughout your stay and every time that you come back into the property.


You are not permitted to invite anyone else into your holiday property.


If any of your party develops symptoms or receives a Track & Trace alert while you are on holiday, you must alert us straight away.


We hope that everything will be in order but we aware that things can always go wrong. We don’t want to disturb you or take unnecessary risks by coming into your holiday property. We will come out to emergencies but would prefer not to for minor issues. If you can, take photos and send them to us instead. We can then make a judgement on how best to respond.



Before you go back home……..

Please take the time to properly wash, dry and put away all of your pots, pans and cutlery. Clear up any mess that has been made and dispose of your rubbish in the dustbins or bags provided (not the black bags that we have left for your used bed linen). Do not leave any food or drinks behind and please leave the property neat and tidy.


You must strip all the beds that you have used, including the mattress protectors, and put everything in the black bin bags provided along with the tea towels, bath mats and oven gloves. Tie the bin bags up at the top and leave them inside the property, close to the door.


When you pack to go home, please make sure that you only take your own belongings and not anything that belongs to the property, particularly tea towels, pillows, books, games and the sanitising products that we provided. Please ensure that a responsible adult oversees the items that other people are packing.


Have a good check around to make sure you have taken all of your belongings. Check behind doors and under beds and don’t forget your phone/laptop chargers. If you leave anything, we may not be able to return it to you.


Immediately before you go, one person should use the anti-bacterial spray provided and spray a few shots into the air in every room, corridor and landing before leaving the property.


Replace the keys and sanitise everyone’s hands.


Make sure that any parking permits are returned to the property before you drive home.




It is clear that everyone’s opinions differ greatly about the virus and the measures taken to mitigate it. However, no-one’s opinion should take precedence over anyone else’s safety so we ask that you please implement all of the measures above.


We hope that, despite everything, you will enjoy this beautiful part of the world and have a happy and memorable holiday.


If you have any questions, please call us on

       01947 810579 or email us at [email protected]

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers and our property-owners who have been so kind and understanding during these difficult times. Your support is hugely appreciated.

Assuring you of our best intentions at all times.

Kind regards,

Julie, Josh & Rosie

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