Useful Information


If the cottage that you have booked has WiFi then you will be able to find all of the log-in information and codes in the cottage information folder when you arrive.

Please be aware that Bay Broadband (which is used in many cottages) is a not-for-profit organisation. It proved invaluable during the times when Robin Hood's Bay was a technological backwater and it has served the village well for a number of years. However, due to the geography of the area, the signal can be intermittent at times so please be patient.

Many of the pubs and cafes have WiFi available for customers to use.

Driving into the lower village...

Please note that the only vehicular access to the lower village is down ‘Bay Bank’ which is a steep 1:3 road that is narrow and twisting in places.  It's one road down and the same road back up! There is no public parking permitted in the lower village and there are double yellow lines everywhere to prevent the road from being blocked. However, you can drive down and park on the double yellows in order to unload your car. Having said that, the council will allow only 5 minutes for unloading which is clearly not enough! The way to get around this is to unload in relays (where possible) so that your car is not left unattended for more than a couple of minutes at a time.

There are only 2 places to turn your car around; one is in the gateway to Fisherhead car park (or indeed in the car park itself) and the other is in the dock area.

At certain times of the year, the narrow streets in the village can be full of people so please be very aware of this when you are reversing.

Parking in Robin Hood's Bay....

Parking in lower Robin Hood's Bay

Fisherhead Car Park

This is the only car park in lower RHBay and is privately owned and managed. You cannot park in Fisherhead Car Park without a permit. If the cottage you have booked has a Fisherhead parking permit, you must collect it from the cottage and display it in your windscreen for the duration of your stay. You must return the permit to the cottage before you leave. If a permit is lost or taken in error, it cannot be replaced.

Camper vans, minibuses and trade vans over half a ton are not allowed.

To find Fisherhead Car Park, drive down the hill into the lower village, passing The Laurel Inn on your left and Muir Lea Stores on your right. Shortly after the stores, turn right through the farm gate on the bend. Drive up the hill and straight on into the farmyard to park.


Please note that we are not agents for Fisherhead car park. The information here is offered in good faith but may be subject to change without notice. We cannot be held responsible for changes, repairs or closures to this facility. You should enquire about the terms and conditions when you purchase a


Parking in upper Robin Hood's Bay

The car park opposite the Victoria Hotel at the top of the bank is a Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) car park and charges apply (except between 1st November - 28th February when the Council usually covers the pay meters). The cost is £6 for 24 hours.

However, you can purchase a pass from Baytown Stores (200 metres further up the road) which saves you having to climb the hill every morning to get a new ticket for the day! The cost for a permit is £8 per day (min stay, 2 nights). The pass does not guarantee you a space but does allow you to park in other SBC car parks in the borough and is useful, therefore, if you intend to visit other places during your stay.

At busy times, the much larger SBC Station Car Park is situated further still up the village.

Pet Friendly Holidays


Here at Robin Hood’s Bay Holiday Cottages, we understand how important it is to bring your beloved family pet on holiday with you. We have a fantastic selection of pet-friendly cottages suitable for parties of up to 8 people.